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Learn Or Teach for Education is an experiential and project based Learning Management System on which educators can create and sell content while sharing a percentage of total sales with us. Learners can utilize social learning tools to convene discussions, share their projects, and acquire experiential learning opportunities.

For The Educator

Intuitive Course Creation

Begin by setting course objectives, outline your course structure through a syllabus, integrate content across multiple formats, create assessments, preview your course, and publish!

  • Multi-author Content Creation
  • Private & Public Course Publishing
  • Helpful Course Creation Tips
  • Multiple Content Integration Methods
Intuitive course

Holistic Assessments

Evaluate a broad set of competencies such as soft skills, critical thinking, and comprehension using scores and five-star rating assessments. Evaluate open-ended submissions in a similarly holistic way

  • Automatic & Manual Grading
  • Graphical Score Reporting
  • Group & Peer Assessments
  • Direct Educator-Learner Communication
Holistic assessments

In-depth Analytics

Get quick insightful statistics on your dashboard and more in-depth analysis of your learners and your courses via google analytics

  • Get Course Engagements Insights
  • Generate Shareable Reports
  • Leverage Machine Learning Analysis
  • Make Data-driven Adjustments
In depth analytics

Course MarketPlace

Securely sell your course to learners and access your earnings in real time. No hustles, leave those to us

  • Conducts Course Sales Securely
  • Access Earnings Reliably
  • Sell Courses Privately or Publicly
  • Get Periodic Sales Reports
Course marketplace

For The Learner

Simple course delivery

Simple Course Delivery

Learners interact with the course material on an intuitive interface, while engaging in holistic assessments and leveraging social learning tools

  • Learning Progression Updates
  • Multimedia Course Content
  • Peer-Peer Learning
  • Holistic Score & Rating Based Assessments
Discussion boards

Discussion Boards

Engage in conceptual discourse with other course enrollees by creating discussion posts and commenting on those, or creating discussion groups for more private discourse

  • Group Messaging
  • External Social Media Sharin
  • Public Posts & Comments
  • Educator-Learner Direct Communications
Projects blog

Projects Blog

Create and share projects publicly on the projects blog and externally through the broader social media. Engage in private group discussion through group messaging

  • Group Messaging
  • External Social Media Sharing
  • Public Posts & Comments
  • Peer-Peer Project Assessments/Feedback
Experiences blog

Experiences Blog

Share experiential learning insights with peers, access new listed experiential learning opportunities related to your enrolled courses

  • Access Experiential Learning Opportunities
  • Share Experiential Learning Insights
  • Engage In Private Group Discussions
  • Share Insights With External Social Media


Earn completion and mastery certifications after completing a course

  • Downloadable PDF’s
  • Single Page Format
  • Retrievable For Compliance Review
  • Auto-generated Certificates

API Integration

Google analytics
Google calendar
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